A Good Send Off

We often hear that "we should give <person's name> a good send off..."Why exactly? If we don't manage to give them a 'good send off' will that affect their departure? Is it like catching a train? Obviously not, we don't catch the 1023 from Leeds always wearing a dark suit looking sullen, so what do…Read more A Good Send Off


Where next?

I'm often perplexed by the question "After we die, what's next, or where's next?" What's your answer to that question? Some answers relate to living in a mansion, or a Kingdom, on a throne perhaps, with prosperity being an alluring feature. Living forever is a constant but how and in what form? Death is a…Read more Where next?

Easter 2019

On Good Friday many churches have a ‘Walk of Witness’, a procession of individuals who wish to show to their community what it means to them at this time of year. It’s odd seeing the line of people winding their way through the streets, all in silence, following a cross.  Walk of Witness, the Cross…Read more Easter 2019

Analysing John’s Gospel

Further to the analysis undertaken using the R function stylo() previously, I was interested in examining whether there was any information to be gained by looking at specifically the Gospel according to John. I noted that the stylo() function had been revised and was currently not able to function using MAC OS; nevertheless, utilising a…Read more Analysing John’s Gospel

Going on Holiday?

As we possibly consider a ‘staycation’ or ‘vacation’ this Summer, I wonder how we see ourselves. The English are often known for grasping the finest intricacies of the foreign language, by speaking  ‘s l o w e r and louder’ - ‘that should do it we think’… Well our own language is a mixture of…Read more Going on Holiday?

Easter 2019 : In or Out of the Church?

As we approach Palm Sunday, I start to feel that the journey through Lent is nearing its completion. We can see the end: I wonder if the disciples did? When I think of Palm Sunday I don't get enthused by the waving of palm crosses but by the sheer mystery and imagery of Jesus on…Read more Easter 2019 : In or Out of the Church?