The day is over… How has Remembrance impacted you this year?

The two minute silence this morning brought the nation once again to reflect upon the Great War, the 2nd World War, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan...did I miss one out.......where does the list end? How has Remembrance impacted you this year? The poppies may now have been removed. Where do they now…Read more The day is over… How has Remembrance impacted you this year?


Parenting a Trans Child: Our Journey

Dignity & Worth

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Mandy & Bob are Methodists worshipping in a small rural church who have gone from being fundamentalist Christians to Christian LGBT activists. They would like to share some of their story with you.

Just under 2 years ago our child rang us and said that they wanted to come home and ‘drop a bombshell’ and then return to university. Mandy said “please tell us now” so we wouldn’t imagine all sorts of things. They explained how they wanted to transition from Male to Female (M2F), how they were struggling with their emotions which were leading into depression. We arranged to meet up in London shortly afterwards, where as we were eating chocolate fingers and drinking copious amounts of coffee they said ‘there was no other path they could take’.

The video which describes this journey is here:

We reassured them of our…

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That Conference…

Delighted to read that we are all on a journey, of discernment with our God. I continue to pray for those in and outside of the church who identify as part of the LGBT community and feel ostracised as the church comes to a decision. Source: That Conference...