Is God vengeful or loving?

Do we really believe that God is vengeful? 'Why did Jesus die?' has always been a difficult question. It is tragic, barbaric but one that we address each year. I note it is one that is part of the syllabus for RE in primary schools. It needs to be answered. We may have heard in…Read more Is God vengeful or loving?


Bread & Debit Cards

It has been a strange week. We have been waiting upon a rotary washing line to be delivered so we can make good on this Yorkshire breeze which frequents this valley. To purchase one and await delivery is very 'modern' I suppose. Sadly over the past month my debit card has been 'scammed', the details…Read more Bread & Debit Cards

For my friends setting out in ministry

This blog has really engaged me, positively, as I prepare for ministry myself. It contains wise words, from the other side, from within ministry and it speaks back to those who are starting out and also for those within ministry. It also highlights the need for all to be watchful over our mental health -…Read more For my friends setting out in ministry

What is Yorkshire saying to us?

We have arrived in a market town in West Yorkshire: Lancashire bounds its western boundary and the River Calder and Rochdale Canal sweep through the town centre. The hills, mainly flowing east-west, provide a majestic backdrop. The roads linking us to Halifax through Hebden Bridge and Mytholmroyd are fairly busy, mainly due to the road…Read more What is Yorkshire saying to us?