A few words following this year's TDOR service.



If you were a spy, what information might you be looking to gain, to bring back? Who would you be delivering that information to? How might you gain that information? In the Old Testament we hear of Joshua, Caleb and others leaving the safe confines of the Desert of Paran to secretly go into Canaan…Read more Spies

Redefining Church for today?

I read this Tweet yesterday : "When did we see you at the border and turn you away?" And Jesus said, "Whatever you did to the thousands of Guatemalan men, women, and children at the Texas border, you did to me." @NathanIRoberts How should the Church react to such a plea? The writer of the…Read more Redefining Church for today?

Bums on seats?

On 28th October 312 Christendom was born. That battle between Constantine 1 and Maxentius saw the former seeing a vision of a cross of light and the words “in this sign, conquer”.  Many centuries later, the Enlightenment occurred, reasoning was used with science to critique Christianity.  Perhaps in John 17: 15-16 where we read “in…Read more Bums on seats?

How do we all ‘fit’ in a Church Without Walls?

It's been a month now. A month into active ministry, whatever exactly that means, where as a Minister I look to support and facilitate faith in a beautiful town in West Yorkshire. I have to say that it has been interesting (code for challenging) trying to discern where God wants me to be here. It…Read more How do we all ‘fit’ in a Church Without Walls?