standwith orlando

Many have commented about the tragedy of the mass killings in Orlando on Sunday morning. The sheer brutality and barbaric manner that someone could enter a LGBT club and mercilessly kill people is beyond comprehension. Many commentators do not even refer to the type of club – it was ‘just another mass killing’. The US have had more than one a day in 2016. That’s barbaric as well.



I want to ask if you’ll stop and pause for the parents of those that were killed.

For many, not only were their children ‘out’ (and proud) but they had shared this news with family and friends. People would have been aware of the struggles it may have initially caused for both child and parents, as both came to terms with the truth – that their child was LGBT. For a number of families, that news won’t have come out. It will have been kept quiet – ‘for the sake of the family’. And now they are grieving and unable to share.

This is wrong.

Can we spare a thought today, for those families who haven’t been able to, couldn’t, share the desperately sad news and, now, are grieving so much for the loss of their child.

Are we the reason they couldn’t share that news?rainbow_candle

Can we allow people to share the news without
rewriting their story in our stereotypical terms?

Can we extend our love to all and to allow people to be free, who they truly are?


5 thoughts on “Orlando

  1. Well said Bob, and that includes the poor parents of the shooter too. It appears they had no idea he was so full of hate, he was a “good boy” and he leaves behind a wife and children who have to live with what their husband and father did.

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  2. I agree with this, but I also think that if their child was proud enough to be at a gay club then why hide this from the media? It may not mean they were straight but surely in death they want their child to be remembered for who they truly are? Being there also doesn’t mean they were gay, but if they find out that their child is then I don’t see a reason for hiding this out of ‘shame’..

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    • Lisa, I agree for some media channels have elected not to focus upon the merciless killing of LGBT people. It would be great if all parents of LGBT children were proud of their children. For many, they are and are truly supportive. For others it will come in time but it is a struggle. I, for one, would like to walk alongside them, to help them on that journey.

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