I would wholly recommend Paula Gooder’s book ‘Everyday God‘. The 33 portrayals of Biblical passages, to provide a greater understanding of our extraordinary God, even during the 33 ‘ordinary’ weeks of the Church of England’s year, is so stimulating.

Following on from the exploration of the Lord’s Prayer on the blog recently I have since found this snippet from the book. It strikes a chord of concern, a note to ponder. I have changed the tense as we read it indidually.

“As we pray the Lord’s Prayer and ask for God’s Kingdom to come on earth, we may look out at the nice tidy churches and wonder whether we know what we’re asking for. Are we really prepared for the disruption that the kingdom brings?

If the kingdom attracts the kind of people with whom  Jesus spent his days, the outcast and poor, the prostitutes and the sinners, then might we just regret it if God does listen to our prayers for the coming of the kingdom and answer it?

The Lord’s Prayer needs to be prayed with caution, because one day God just might listen to us.”

And all God’s people said ‘Amen’      ?  

I do!

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