In the Hebrew Scriptures we talk occasionally, some more than others, about the end times (Book of Daniel 12:4). Those times when all will be well.

Today I heard someone talk of the ‘end of life’. What does our future hold?

When we are younger, say in our 30s or 40s, we may look ahead to retirement after a successful life of achievement and possibly even richness. If we are younger still, we may never have really ever thought of it. As those years tick away we might consider what we have achieved and what we can now do to change.

Is that the mid-life crisis people refer to?

Do we then decide to buy the motorbike so we can drive off into the sunset without any care in the world? Interesting term there…sunset, is that the sunset of our life?

What happens when we get a bit older, when our muscles are not as strong as they were, when our balance prevents us walking a straight line let alone moving from the cosy armchair to the bathroom. This is the time when we may not be able to say “right that’s it, I’m going to do this now“. We don’t have the energy, strength or even possibly the motivation to change.

Sadly, for some, the advancing years will mean that dementia and/or alzheimers will affect us together with increased frailty. But where is hope in all this?

I have seen someone come to terms, well is coming to terms, with the enormity of being in that end of life period, the end times here on Earth. How do you fill your day when in a nursing home?

Nevertheless, I have seen the joy in their face when they had an ice cream (in October, for those reading this abroad, the English are a strange breed where eating of such delicacies is normally only undertaken in the very few months of Summer). I have seen them away in their memories of day gone times whilst listening to music – those memories which still, despite dementia, are crystal clear and precise. How wonderful.

Today I reflected on what the end of life period might be like. If you have faith your perception (belief) of the end times might be focused upon beyond this time on Earth, but recall that the Kingdom of God is here, so we can still be enthralled here despite the bones creaking, our minds may still be able to find such happiness.

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