The two minute silence this morning brought the nation once again to reflect upon the Great War, the 2nd World War, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan…did I miss one out…….where does the list end?

How has Remembrance impacted you this year?


The poppies may now have been removed. Where do they now go?

If you had a metallic poppy it may have been put in the jewellery box as they cost a lot.

So those memories are over until next year. What’s next? Christmas? So there is lots to do before then!

Hold it.

What was the point of Remembrance Day? To remember the tragic loss of life in the litany of wars that followed the war to end all wars. 

Shouldn’t this be our principle from now on?

So when the funding on Trident is raised again, when the House of Commons debates bombing another nation, when a company seeks to produce yet another array of weaponry, when the press reveals that a military strike caused the loss of life of civilians, what do we say now?

How has Remembrance impacted you this year?

Has it changed you? Perhaps we need to reflect on to what extent has the day impacted upon us. It should make a sufficient impact that ensures that we don’t move closer to get another war, another loss of lives, friendly or not. Will it?

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