I invite you to focus upon the Communion Table.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 14.14.37.png

It’s construction appears strong. The grain of the wood flows in similar lines, although some lines waiver, even going around in circles. The legs of the table stand out, like walls, denying complete access.

Holy God, we pray for our world. We pray for the leaders who discern problems and attempt to resolve them with political motives, with policies which seek to remain popular – when people, lives are excluded.

Loving God, we seek that your justice is felt across the world. Where we see walls, may we desire to have a longer, wider table, so that we may welcome more, regardless of faith, colour or race – give us that love so that we may be more inclusive. May we show the love that Jesus showed to others. Give us courage to stand up for others.

In your Mercy…….hear our prayer.

Screenshot 2018-06-27 13.53.23.png

There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male and female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

The Communion Table sits in the middle of the Chapel as this Church sits within the Community. This Church is also part of the Methodist Connexion, and has a voice through the District representatives at this year’s Conference.

Holy God, we praise you that you are with us always. We are aware of your generous, radical love. This Church, God’s people, resides all around this church, and has connections to many continents, notably Africa and the Americas.

We pray Loving God that we may never be slow to offer that love to others, that where people see boundaries we see opportunties for love to flourish, for others to know of you. We thank you for the provision of the NHS, meeting the needs of all at the point of need. May we look for poverty and injustice in all areas of our lives, may we strive  for your Kingdom, not for our gain, may we see you in everyone.

In your Mercy…….hear our prayer.

The Communion Table holds the bread and the wine, the representations of your body and blood, a clear statement of your love on the cross.

Holy God, we ask for your compassion as we pray for those in our community, lift our prayers to our ever loving God as I read out names of those who have sought our prayers:

Let us now, in the quiet of our hearts, lift our prayers and requests to God for ourselves.

Look into God’s face, feel that love, and speak to God, knowing that your prayers are heard. Listen for that response.

In your Mercy…….hear our prayer.

Let us close our prayers with the prayer that Jesus taught us, in the language or form you are most comfortable with…


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