We are Moving!

We have migrated to a new platform, dbobstoner.com and I would really appreciate anyone who is interested in fresh perspectives in the way of Church, through the eyes of a probationary Deacon in the Methodist Church, to subscribe. On the right hand side of the blog there is a subscription widget. I'd be delighted to…Read more We are Moving!

Our Echo Chamber : Who hears us, can we silence ourselves?

Have you ever been in a cave or a tunnel and tried to shout out and then hear the echoes? We hear the reverberations of our voice, perhaps not so clearly as our initial shout, but it is our voice. Bats use this technique all the time. In a political world we currently - it…Read more Our Echo Chamber : Who hears us, can we silence ourselves?

Easter 2019

On Good Friday many churches have a ‘Walk of Witness’, a procession of individuals who wish to show to their community what it means to them at this time of year. It’s odd seeing the line of people winding their way through the streets, all in silence, following a cross.  Walk of Witness, the Cross…Read more Easter 2019

For my friends setting out in ministry

This blog has really engaged me, positively, as I prepare for ministry myself. It contains wise words, from the other side, from within ministry and it speaks back to those who are starting out and also for those within ministry. It also highlights the need for all to be watchful over our mental health -…Read more For my friends setting out in ministry

Mustard Seed or the Coconut – Making Disciples

In this Chapter within the Gospel of Mark we will have already been aware of the Parable of the Sower and whether we should keep a light under a basket - the meaning of the parable appears to be rather certain even before we start. We plant things in rich soil so it may grow.…Read more Mustard Seed or the Coconut – Making Disciples

Methodist – A Movement

This week in the Church of England Synod there will be a discussion relating to this document: MISSION AND MINISTRY IN COVENANT. It provides some detail in how the Church of England and the Methodist Church may be allowed to grow closer in unity in the years ahead. Following on from decades of prior discussion…Read more Methodist – A Movement