Are we really radically welcoming?

I want to paint a scenario: the church service is about a quarter of an hour in, you've had a hymn or two and some guests arrive to see the architecture or what it is like inside your church building. What do we do? Can we welcome them in to the church or do we…Read more Are we really radically welcoming?

Worship like Apple

I entered the huge expanse of the Apple emporium on New Street, Birmingham. This airy environment with its wonderful architecture has an array of tables set out with various models of computer equipment available to see, touch, feel and experience. I was greeted at the door, welcomed even. Myriads of assistants wearing clothing adorned with…Read more Worship like Apple

Bring people into Church: why?

The number of people attending the Church is seemingly falling. The Church of England report stated that "church attendance will continue to fall for the next 30 years." Not exactly good bedtime reading but it might focus prayers. The Methodist Church, renowned for its statistical analysis, published its latest overview¬†which quietly mentioned that: British Methodism…Read more Bring people into Church: why?