Who am I?

The course is just about to start. We have 2 years to be 'formed' into people who can undertake the role of Ministers of Religion within either the Anglican or Methodist traditions. We have finally moved into the accommodation, unpacked and started to understand the vibrancy of the local area, the diversity that is Birmingham.…Read more Who am I?


I know, here I am starting back at University and have returned to running after all these ¬†years of being a couch potato. It's not a mid-life crisis, I promise you! In the past, training would involve a succession of different routes and distances each day of the week to ensure readiness for the intended…Read more Running

A dispersed monastic order in the 21st Century?

As a mathematician I enjoy looking at orders, to see whether they follow a prescribed pattern. Mathematics is merely a science to seek out a pattern, logical way of describing what is happening. Whether the numbers are changing by simply adding a set number on to the previous value or¬†multiples of the previous value, there…Read more A dispersed monastic order in the 21st Century?