Mustard Seed or the Coconut – Making Disciples

In this Chapter within the Gospel of Mark we will have already been aware of the Parable of the Sower and whether we should keep a light under a basket - the meaning of the parable appears to be rather certain even before we start. We plant things in rich soil so it may grow.…Read more Mustard Seed or the Coconut – Making Disciples


What time is it?

Kneeling down, I reached down to put my hand on his, to comfort him, to link my fingers in his, like we did years ago. I felt a response, a gentle squeezing, reassuring me, acknowledging my presence. I then felt a warmth in my knee, the wafting stench of stale urine now growing in intensity,…Read more What time is it?

What is ‘end of life’ like?

"Does it hurt?" is a question I have recently heard. My generation might have considered our lives to last 3 score years and ten. Today, with an increasing proportion of the population possibly living beyond a century, especially if female, with the benefit of advanced medical care, we can hope to enjoy a fruitful time…Read more What is ‘end of life’ like?

Reflection on Hope and Turtle Doves

Luke 2:22-40¬† This is a copy of my reflection given at Cambridge Road Methodist Church, Birmingham, on New Year's Eve 2017 Did you enjoy Christmas? Was it a time for sitting around the fire/TV/Computer or being with family and friends that you have not seen for so long, or possibly being alone in your thoughts.…Read more Reflection on Hope and Turtle Doves

Guest Blog : A Teddy Bear’s Critique of a Placement

In ministry training,¬†ordinands are sent off to distant lands to discover for themselves what ministry may offer and what issues they may encounter in the future. I am no different and have recently been to Gotham City. There I was supervised by 2 ministers: Brad and Anjolie, both still youthful (that's what they told me…Read more Guest Blog : A Teddy Bear’s Critique of a Placement