Blue Christmas 2019

What if the Christmas celebrations are not 'for you' this year? The anniversary of a loved one passing on still brings tears, or that it is so difficult to keep up with the demands of 'buy, buy, buy', or you just want to withdraw from everything as 'you feel worthless'. The Blue Christmas time of…Read more Blue Christmas 2019

What Christmas are you looking for this year?

It's Christmas time when the churches are bedecked with tinsel on Christmas Trees, oranges with cloves poking from every side and candles adorning, and a myriad of different Carol services or midnight Mass'. It is one of the special times of the year when people do 'flock' to the church. Isn't it weddings, deaths, Easter…Read more What Christmas are you looking for this year?

Where do you store your treasure?

It’s been a year now that Mandy & I have been serving in this community. It certainly has been interesting - in a good way I'll quickly add. My profile, my contract with the church, was to ‘bring presence’ to this town, this community. There wasn’t much extra detail other than our members are reticent…Read more Where do you store your treasure?