Reflection on Hope and Turtle Doves

Luke 2:22-40  This is a copy of my reflection given at Cambridge Road Methodist Church, Birmingham, on New Year's Eve 2017 Did you enjoy Christmas? Was it a time for sitting around the fire/TV/Computer or being with family and friends that you have not seen for so long, or possibly being alone in your thoughts.…Read more Reflection on Hope and Turtle Doves


Pride 2017

With the superbly positive movements within the Church of England in the air* it was wonderful to be at Pride celebrating the opportunity for those in the LGBT community to parade through London. As parents of a LGBT child we believe that we don't have that privilege to march but we wanted to offer our…Read more Pride 2017

Nativity – where are we in the scene?

Today many celebrate Jesus' birth. In some form of space-time continuum we may see both Jesus as a babe, with parents lovingly gazing at the crib, the Shepherds admiring the Christ-child and already the Magi have arrived - albeit 2 or 3 years early. Perhaps we here can see both 'times' as one. Dr Who would be…Read more Nativity – where are we in the scene?