Jesus on a #BorisWalk

“The first words of the risen Christ in Luke’s gospel are, “What are you two talking about?” The second: “You idiots!”Pulpit Fiction - Easter 3 As we journey through this current crisis, we may never 'see' the end. For some our hair is too long, it needs a cut, and therefore, we need to protest.…Read more Jesus on a #BorisWalk

Anxiety throughout our time

Is there a link between our past, the present and the future? I was reading the part when Jesus has come out of the tomb (or grave according to Bond *1) and speaks to Mary. How does that relate to me? "Don't touch me for I have yet to ascend to my Father"John's Gospel Chapter…Read more Anxiety throughout our time

Is this a pivotal moment

Every Easter we may come to this time of the year with our understanding firm. We know why Jesus died, what it means to us.  Easter isn’t just one day but a climax to everything central in our faith. But was it then? for those first disciples, what was it like? I invite you to…Read more Is this a pivotal moment

This Easter is so different

Welcome to this, a framework for a Reflective Zoom service, as we consider what Maundy Thursday might mean to us today. We will hear some words, take time to ponder on our day. We will hear some Scripture, praise God in song, reflect upon a modern day perspective of the traditions of today, and then…Read more This Easter is so different

Living it not just talking it

This post was originally written prior to the #CoronaVirus Crisis. Hence consideration should be given to how we might consider this in the future, rather than in the here and now. John Wesley once got into hot water because he questioned whether the very people who were teaching the next generation of leaders were living…Read more Living it not just talking it

Reflections – Saliva anyone?

Rather than a candle this week, I thought we might start with a transformative GIF. If we are stressed, it can be good to have that framework, a visible reference frame upon which to 'ground' ourselves. Try to breathe with the pulsating image for a minute. Let us pray:Father God,We thank you for the…Read more Reflections – Saliva anyone?

Church – a change?

We may soon be inundated with ideas on how to spend time whilst in self-isolation: be that knitting, praying, drawing or writing - even finding time to complete that 2000 piece jigsaw which hasn't seen the light of day for many a year. We have seen in the past few days, literally, such significant changes…Read more Church – a change?

Are we strangers?

I was listening to someone describe an aspect of their life in the past, of the struggles that had faced. They said that they had often passed by the church without actually noticing it. How can you miss a great big pointy building, often with large signs advocating prayer etc or even a thermometer showing…Read more Are we strangers?

POEGTAP – a Guest Post

(written by Roger Munday, lay pastor/preacher at The Church at Blackshaw Head) The baby had a birthday, We made the brandy sauce; We drank his health, and spent our wealth, upon ourselves of course.We had a lovely party and brightened up the place; profusely strung, the tinsel hung - you couldn’t see his face.Then, when the feast was over,…Read more POEGTAP – a Guest Post

What could be so different?

When you step away from the 'normal' what do we expect to see? I go to a Church which, it would be fair to say, worships traditionally. How you might describe that may differ: the 'Methodist 5-hymn 4-prayer sandwich' describes it for me. You know where you are when you come to this kind of…Read more What could be so different?

New Years Resolutions

Have you thought of any New Year's Resolutions yet?...or reminded yourself of last year's resolutions! How we would go running and get fit!!?... For every half hour we run, we live for an extra half hour, which we spent running...David Spiegelhalter (allegedly) Have we ever thought of what resolutions our Churches might consider? In today's…Read more New Years Resolutions