Administration…Liquidation…what’s next for the church?

If administration is the process for a company to escape insolvency, and if that were to fail, liquidation is the ending of a company, the selling off of any assets to pay off creditors, this would suggest that the business model currently used has not worked. There's an alternative, known as "pre-pack insolvency" which is…Read more Administration…Liquidation…what’s next for the church?

What retail outlets could offer to church

How do you think we could reimagine church? In the past I have looked at the Apple flagship stores, wondered at their retail strategies and reflected how they could be considered to help us look again at church. Here we have a reflection on how Ikea operate: question is to have the meatballs or their…Read more What retail outlets could offer to church

Going on Holiday?

As we possibly consider a ‘staycation’ or ‘vacation’ this Summer, I wonder how we see ourselves. The English are often known for grasping the finest intricacies of the foreign language, by speaking  ‘s l o w e r and louder’ - ‘that should do it we think’… Well our own language is a mixture of…Read more Going on Holiday?

Mother’s Day because we all have mothers….

It's that time of the year, well for the UK, just after Valentine's Day when we look to buy lots of cards, chocolates and flowers to celebrate our Mum. Yes, I'm aware that it was originally Mothering Sunday and is not connected whatsoever with Mother's Day from the USA. What if you don't have a…Read more Mother’s Day because we all have mothers….

Todmorden Faith : Same Sex Marriage

Welcome to the first meeting of the monthly 'Faith' group where we look to establish a way to become an even stronger community in Todmorden, willing to engage constructively with matters of faith. But first: Is faith relevant today? What does faith actually mean to you, to others? One aspect of any successful community is…Read more Todmorden Faith : Same Sex Marriage