Guest Blog : A Teddy Bear’s Critique of a Placement

In ministry training,¬†ordinands are sent off to distant lands to discover for themselves what ministry may offer and what issues they may encounter in the future. I am no different and have recently been to Gotham City. There I was supervised by 2 ministers: Brad and Anjolie, both still youthful (that's what they told me…Read more Guest Blog : A Teddy Bear’s Critique of a Placement



We are surrounded by boxes: most sealed, some beckoning to us to be filled to capacity. Many more objects confront us as we enter rooms demanding that we do not forget them. When we move we generally experience a great deal of additional life stress. In a recent poll, 61% of people voted 'moving house'…Read more Closure

Bring people into Church: why?

The number of people attending the Church is seemingly falling. The Church of England report stated that "church attendance will continue to fall for the next 30 years." Not exactly good bedtime reading but it might focus prayers. The Methodist Church, renowned for its statistical analysis, published its latest overview¬†which quietly mentioned that: British Methodism…Read more Bring people into Church: why?