A few words following this year's TDOR service.

For my friends setting out in ministry

This blog has really engaged me, positively, as I prepare for ministry myself. It contains wise words, from the other side, from within ministry and it speaks back to those who are starting out and also for those within ministry. It also highlights the need for all to be watchful over our mental health -…Read more For my friends setting out in ministry

What can change in 2 years?

I have come to the end of my time at The Queen's Foundation in Birmingham. To explain, this is the college where Methodists receive pre-ordination training prior to being sent out to various places across the country as ministers. The training can take two years and is composed of a series of academic modules, training…Read more What can change in 2 years?

Methodist – A Movement

This week in the Church of England Synod there will be a discussion relating to this document: MISSION AND MINISTRY IN COVENANT. It provides some detail in how the Church of England and the Methodist Church may be allowed to grow closer in unity in the years ahead. Following on from decades of prior discussion…Read more Methodist – A Movement

Promises in the 21st Century

Every year the Methodist Church invites its congregations to reflect upon the Covenant Prayer. It is central to┬áMethodists' devotion and discipleship, and their driver in working for social justice. In the Covenant service┬áthe Church celebrates God's gracious offer to the promised land that "I will be their God and they shall be my people". Wesley,…Read more Promises in the 21st Century